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Growing Your Business


Grean Light Go is a company who uses a variety of techniques in transforming individuals and companies to go from EXCEPTIONAL to EXTRAORDINARY! Our coaches train and specialize in personal and business development by teaching and implementing:

  • Greatness in Branding
  • Removal & Replenish Time  Management
  • Engraving a Solid Mindset 
  • Analysis in Accounting & Administration
  • Niche in Increasing Revenues
  • Light into Energy of Marketing
  • Go to the Cycle of Growth 

Tangela Huggins "Coach Tangie", CEO and founder has developed key strategies  that will overall strengthen the muscles needed to build a solid foundation in any business body type, size or environment.  We coach and mentor individual to a team of executives, from start-ups to multi-billion dollar corporations. 

Combined Experience


Grean Light Go coaches are  experienced with developing and growing individuals, professionals, executives, teams and successful businesses in a variety of areas such as:  marketing, selling products and/or services, customer service, finances, budgeting, forecasting and setting effective sales projection goals. Our team takes on a global stance helping clients all over the World.

Service and Reliability


Grean Light Go is about helping real people, real teams, real executives grow real businesses by assisting in discovering breakthrough practices and processes. We provide proper mentor-ship and coaching to individuals and corporations that are seeking help with implementing systems that are needed to begin or grow the necessary muscles needed to operate and run a successful business.


Intensive Workshops


Intensive Coaching Workshops are specifically designed to meet the business area of needs and are held at the company work-site.  

Ex. workshops include: Sales Training, Operations Training,  Financial Training,  Leadership Training,  Management Training and more. 

Training Intensive workshops on average are between 1 - 3 days.  Kindly schedule an appointment online for a free consultation and quote.

1 on 1 Executive Coaching


One on One Coaching  classes are offered in person or via video-chat, individually or in a group of other leaders in the same boot-camp class.  Classes are held weekly with daily workout activities to complete. Schedule an appointment  online for a free  personal or business consultation and a quote.

Online Coaching Courses


Online Coaching courses are more geared toward self paced training.  Each day you will get instruction and assignments to complete in order for you to gain and strengthen your mental muscles.  This online coaching boot-camp classes are packed with the knowledge you need to grow and build a strong body of business.  The online courses are offered in 7 training segment(s) and/or 1 training segment that includes all 7 training segments in 1.

Tangela huggins personal & Business transformational coach


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